Tour April 2018

This tour was a mind blowing experience for all of us, we are very thankful that we had the chance to make this trip.
We traveled 2400km and spend a lot of time on the road..we want to say thank you to all the promoters and everybody who was involved..without you we couldn’t realize this..THANK YOU!!
We are afraid to forget somebody so we don’t put any names up here..but you know who we mean for sure..everybody who let us sleep in their apartment or cooked some food or helped us carrying the equipment!!

We also have to say thanks to all the great bands we shared the stage with and enjoyed music as pure as it is..quiet or loud doesn’t’s only music that counts for us!

We have a bus full load of photos that Josie our tour photographer and merchandise helping hand took, and we have to say thanks to Stone our Tech who always helped with Sound engineering, Lights and of course always a helping hand when it comes to load in the venues!
Also a big thanks goes out to Angela and Robert who painted the Backdrop Picture that we used on Tour!

Aast but not least we want to thank everyone of you who made it up to our shows..without you none of this that we do and dream of would make sense..we keep you in our thoughts..a big memory..a memory that we will never forget

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