End of the year 2018

First things first:

we released ‚Center of Oceans‘, our first Album 5 years ago!
we’re growing and our music is growing too!
Album 3 is progressing and should be finished
next year.

Take a listen


So on, this year is almost finished and we can look back on a few important issues:

We did a greatful experience by touring in spring 2018 – playing outside of „comfort zones“, bringing our sound to different places and different people. We want to build up this feeling, so we will push things in 2019!

The second thing is – we are getting our ideas for songwriting more and more together in a very good way. Somehow it takes more time but the results will prove it – ‚quality needs time‘.

And the third thing is- we want to thank all people, fans, listeners or anybody who is involved within the bands business.



So take your time with family and friends over the next weeks. We wish you all the best.


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